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Multichannel Marketing for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are using multichannel or omnichannel marketing to connect with customers and improve engagement.

Multichannel marketing refers to a highly personalized and adaptable approach to marketing which makes use of a variety of channels (media) and data. Customers are reading news, checking social media on multiple devices, checking email on smartphones and tablets, at all hours of the day and night. Through a multichannel engagement platform, you have the opportunity to synchronize these channels to get your targeted message through.

This guide covers the basics of multichannel marketing, with a focus on banks and credit unions:

  • Benefits and challenges of multichannel marketing
  • Mini case studies of how financial institutions are using multichannel
  • Example campaigns
  • How to get started building your unique campaign
  • Unique challenges for banks and credit unions

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We partnered with Capital Point Marketing—an agency that specializes in marketing for banks and credit unions—to bring you this guide.