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Return to Work

As employees settle back into work around the country, an entirely new culture has arisen around corporate campuses and retail locations. To ensure compliance to new standard procedures, many companies are turning to print graphics to help large numbers of employees transition to a new normal around the workplace. Visit our blog to learn about creative ways you can circulate helpful information while welcoming employees back to work.

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Return to School

 It's important that we enter the next school year as prepared as possible to prioritize safety while providing students with an interesting new learning environment. There's no doubt that education will look a little different next school year, but there's no reason safety precautions can't be fun for the students who experience them.

From the school bus to the classroom, schools are finding creative ways to keeps kids and teachers safe. Read on to learn about some of the fun new safety measures we've developed for educational institutions. You can also download the full illustrated guide here:

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Return to Restaurants

Keeping customers and employees safe remains a top priority in restaurants around the country. A variety of safety measures have gained popularity, and one of the most effective to-date has been the face shield, which offers a number of benefits other forms of PPE do not. Though disposable, they're easily sanitized and safe to reuse. For customers, especially the deaf or hard of hearing, the clear plastic allows for better communication, allowing for the smiles we all want to share with each other. Best of all, they help prevent people from touching their face and can be customized in fun ways to fit any brand.

When the pandemic entered our communities,The Vomela Companies dedicated a portion of our manufacturing capabilities to face shield production, producing over a hundred thousand per day. As restrictions continue to lift in industries like food service, we're continuing production to keep our employees, customers, and all of their families as safe as possible while helping businesses promote their brand.

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Protecting Our Employees

We are following CDC guidelines for safety and cleaning to slow the spread of the virus so as not to overwhelm our health care system.To reduce risk to our employees, we have:

  • Staggered working hours,
  • Added more cleaning throughout our facilities,
  • Limited non-employee access, and
  • Remote work wherever possible.

Turning Capabilities into Cooperation

We've adapted some of our manufacturing and workforce capabilities to aid providers of essential services. In doing so, we're able to provide ongoing work in a safe environment for employees across the nation.

We're able to manufacture a variety of products to support COVID-19 efforts:

  • Sneeze guards
  • Social distancing floor guides
  • Pop-up medical tents
  • Face shields

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Supporting Essential Business

We are committed to continuing operations throughout our national graphics manufacturing companies to provide high-visibility print communications especially to those businesses providing essential services.

Vomela is a key supply chain partner to many industries deemed essential to maintain operations during this unprecedented time, including pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations, transportation companies, banks, and health care facilities.

As defined by our purpose of uniting and inspiring people by what is possible, we believe in creating awareness and positive impact during this difficult time.

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